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Skyler Chase is the co-founder of Social Savvy LA, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency specialising in social media management and organic growth.

Skyler's Social Savvy LA digital marketing agency provides a variety of online courses, including Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest marketing.

Skyler has a passion for helping people handle everything from content creation and caption writing to targeted traffic and rebranding. He also helps large and small businesses grow their brands through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Free, Online Courses Created by Skyler Chase

  • Certificate

    Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Marketing

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to use TikTok to market your brand, drive sales and grow your business in this free online course.
  • Certificate

    Instagram Marketing: Grow Followers Organically

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn the ins and outs of Instagram marketing to increase your followers organically with this free online course.
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