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Onokemi is not only a passionate advocate against Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) but also a survivor, a personal journey that serves as a source of strength and determination in her unwavering commitment to this vital cause. Her unique path to expertise in child sexual abuse prevention is predominantly characterised by self-education and in-depth learning, reflecting her proactive approach to knowledge acquisition. This empowering journey has enabled Onokemi to develop an unparalleled depth of insight and a strong sense of purpose, contributing to her effectiveness in her mission to create a safer world for children.

Driven by her personal experiences and proactive pursuit of knowledge, Onokemi possesses an exceptional understanding of the complexities surrounding CSA. Her trait as an autodidact and polymath in this field underscores her strength of character and determination in acquiring expertise. Onokemi applies this experiential knowledge to bring a deep sense of empathy and understanding, along with her study of various therapeutic techniques, intervention strategies, and psychological theories and ten years' worth of advocacy experience, to counselling and supporting victims, survivors and their families. This multifaceted approach empowers individuals and communities to recognise, prevent, and address CSA effectively.

In addition to her roles in training, teaching, and counselling, Onokemi has made a significant impact through the publication of free e-guides and e-books. These resources serve as powerful tools for raising awareness and educating the public about the prevention of child sexual abuse. Onokemi is also a speaker and consultant, collaborating with schools and communities in Nigeria to implement strategies aimed at safeguarding children. Through her advocacy efforts, she continues to have a significant impact on CSA awareness, safeguarding, prevention, and healing, contributing to a safer world for children everywhere. Notably, CSA advocacy is a central facet of Onokemi’s multifaceted life, alongside her work as a Filmmaker—Writer, Director, Producer, and Production designer for film and television.To learn more about Onokemi and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here. and her Advocacy page

Free, Online Courses Created by Onokemi Onojobi

  • Certificate

    Advanced Certificate in Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse

    5-6 hrs
    Equip yourself with knowledge and skills required to safeguard children from sexual abuse in this free online course.
  • Certificate

    Establish Child-Safe Environments to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

    4-5 hrs
    This free online safeguard course explains how to protect children from sexual abuse & create child-safe environments.
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