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Frank Hissen studied Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, focusing on IT security. For over 15 years, he worked in various positions as a security expert in IT development and consulting projects, and for more than 20 as an IT consultant and software engineer. He mainly works for large businesses but also medium-sized companies.

In the areas of cryptography and encryption, Hissen developed security solutions before he became self-employed in 2009. Since then he works as a freelance expert in the area of Web and Cloud application security. He creates secure conceptual designs of system architectures but also takes care of their secure implementation and corresponding security requirements. One other focus is the technical examination and validation of the actual implementation.In the area of IT security, Hissen is specialises in applied and technical IT security. For major as well as smaller companies, he develops and implements security and crypto solutions and accompanied processes for secure product and software development.

Frank Hissen develops software and system architectures for complex systems and implements them or supervises the implementation. Moreover, he creates studies and function specifications. Another major focus of his work is online and offline training in his areas of expertise.

Free, Online Courses Created by Frank Hissen

  • Certificate

    Web Application Security

    3-4 hrs
    Learn how to combat various IT security issues such as clickjacking on web applications from this free online course.
  • Certificate

    Information Security for Project Managers: Encryption and Hashing

    4-5 hrs
    Learn about the techniques of encryption, hashing, and guidelines for information security in this free online course.
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