To become an entrepreneur requires hard work and bucketloads of self-belief, that’s a given. To join the elite group of successful entrepreneurs takes much more.

Think of the late Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey or even Alison’s own Founder and CEO, Mike Feerick – what is it about these individuals that makes them such highly successful entrepreneurs?

The pages of business biographies and ‘How To’ manuals are littered with the tales of these successful people, but is it possible to identify the traits that have made them a success? Even more importantly, can anyone emulate those traits in order to become a successful entrepreneur?

The Alison community team have looked at the research, had a quick chat with our Founder and CEO, Mike, and have put together the ultimate list. Here are 7 traits of highly successful entrepreneurs.


This is the number one trait that all successful entrepreneurs share.  They are always deeply passionate about what they do.  It is this passion that sustains them during the inevitable tough times of running your own business.


Successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision and are committed to making that vision a reality.  They are also able to charismatically communicate that vision to their staff so that the entire team is focused on making that vision a living reality.

Risk Taker

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks and live with uncertainty.  There is nothing certain about running your own business, so you need to be sure you can live with that.


Successful entrepreneurs are both motivated and motivator. They are willing to put in long hours at work to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality.  But they are also able to motivate others to get the best out of their team.


You don’t see this on too many entrepreneurial lists, but we are adamant that this is a trait all entrepreneurs have in spades.  A successful entrepreneur is a born seller. They sell their idea, often when it’s still an abstract thought. They can sell their vision, persuasively and successfully, ensuring the buy-in of staff, customers and investors alike.


All successful entrepreneurs have one golden motto they live by: “Never give up”. No matter how bumpy the road gets and no matter how often they may fail, they always find a way forward.  It is this tenacity that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Rule breaker

Successful entrepreneurs never follow the crowd. They are leaders and visionaries, and as such, are rule breakers. They are constantly asking the question, ‘Why not’? and finding the answer is always, ‘I can’.

With a pinch of passion, loads of dedication and a flair for innovation – your entrepreneur dream can become a reality. Now go for it!

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