By Francisco P.

Did you know that computer programming is predicted to be the most in-demand career of the next decade? Almost every major task a company must complete, from file management and advertising to customer engagement and data analysis, now relies on computers. As companies everywhere become dependent on computer technology, they are becoming dependent on computer programmers.

This means that if you can become one of those skilled computer programmers, you will be securing a solid career. But how do you make your computer programming résumé look really impressive? It turns out, there are a few basic skills that computer programmers everywhere need. Here’s the top 5. Check them out, and start gaining the right skills for your future career!

1. Javascript

Javascript is central to every website’s functionality. Any interactive webpage requires the language, and every major web browser is enabled to execute it. If you’re looking for a boost to your computer programming skill set, you can’t go wrong with learning Javascript. Particularly for those who want to work on a company’s website in the future, this will be the key to success.

2. Python

Python is a fast growing language with some very worthwhile uses. For starters, this is a highly readable and effective language used in data analysis. Consequently, companies with large and complex data sets looking to improve their customer engagement really value computer programmers with Python. Check out Python and see if this is the next skill you need!

3. C++

Learning C++ is a must if you are just getting started with computer programming. C++ is the core operating language of several major systems, games, and browsers. Moreover, learning C++ can be the gateway towards learning several more niche and specialised languages. It’s also a highly scalable language predicted to be very important for several years to come, so it’s a great one for expanding your future career.

4. C#

From building Microsoft applications to developing profitable games, C# is a fundamental language for computer programmers worldwide. If you ever want to work on the ASP.NET framework (one of the core frameworks for the world’s largest companies) C# is going to be the tool for you. This is a slightly more complex language, so get the aid of some simple training to get it onto your résumé quickly and easily.

5. Math

That’s right, Math. Computer programmers spend large amounts of time working on algorithms, solving problems, and constructing multi-level systems. This requires logical, numerical thinking. A strong understanding of mathematical principles is therefore very helpful for computer programmers. This means that brushing up on your Math skills can give your computer programming career a real boost.

A career as a computer programmer is not just profitable and respected, it’s also exciting, fun, and opens doors worldwide. With these skills, you can get your computer programming career really moving. So why wait? Gain a new computer programming skill today.

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