If you’re currently reading this blog on your phone or computer then you are benefiting from some spectacular feats of engineering. Reading an article online, something millions of people do every day, is only possible thanks to the work of engineers, who play an integral role in the modern world.

Due to the technological advances of recent times, engineering has become integral to almost every single industry. Engineering jobs take up a larger and larger segment of the job market every year so if you’re thinking of embarking on your first career, or trying something new, then engineering is a field you should definitely be looking into. Here are some of the most popular and interesting engineering fields that you should consider.

Mechanical Engineering

Whenever you hear the word “engineer”, a mechanical engineer is probably the closest thing to the image that first comes to mind. These engineers focus on building and maintaining many of the everyday devices and machines we all use, such as buses and trains. If you were ever curious about the operation of an internal combustion engine, or wanted to build machines with real-world applications, then this is the field for you. Demand for mechanical engineers is steadily increasing, making these very employable skills to learn.

Industrial Engineering

If you’re interested in a particular industry, the chances are that sector relies on specific industrial engineers. From the aviation to the cosmetics industries, engineers are behind so much of our experience of goods and services. Industrial engineers often focus on the optimisation production systems. Regardless of the particular industry you’re interested in, the basics of industrial engineering will be applicable, making them extremely useful to know.

Computer Engineering

The advent of advanced computer software and drawing applications have meant that engineering has taken on an entirely new complexion in the modern world. We can model and predict the operation of systems and machines like never before using cutting edge computer programs. If you’re interested in technology then you are in an excellent position to capitalise on the ever-growing field of computer engineering. Learning to create engineering drawings using modern software is a great way to get to know this rapidly expanding field, while also doing some valuable upskilling.

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