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Personal Development & Soft Skills

Would you like to take up a new hobby, improve yourself, study better or find a new job? ALISON’s Personal Development & Soft Skills courses are for learners who want to enrich their personal and professional lives. The Personal Development & Soft Skills category includes personal development courses in digital photography, yoga, music theory and physical education. For students under-going a course of study, there are courses in smarter learning, study skills and resume writing, while, for job hunters, there are courses in career planning and job hunting. This category also includes unique courses, such as a course in Aesop’s Fables, a US citizenship course, and a course exploring architecture. Psychology courses and legal studies courses are also included.
Saylor Foundation

Job Search Skills - Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter

Job Search Skills - Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter is a free online course which is designed for anyone who wants to undertake a job application campaign to successfully acquire a new job. Th..
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Design - Applying Design Principles

This Graphic Design course builds on the introductory course and investigates the application of graphic design principals in the production process such as composition, balance, contrast and hierarc..
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Physical Education - Fitness Training Principles and Methods

This Physical Education (PE or Phys Ed) course offers a comprehensive introduction to the topic and investigates the basics: from muscle response to the physiology, biology, and the science of sports..
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Saylor Foundation

Introduction to Job Search Skills

Introduction to Job Search Skills is a free online course which is designed for anyone who is beginning or is actively involved in a job search. The course covers different scenarios from students lo..
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Psychology: Memory and Cognition

This second free course continues the introduction to Psychology. This free learning course approaches the topic from a ‘cognitive’ angle. This perspective likens the mind to an information-processin..
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Legal Studies - Laws and the Judicial System

This free online law course presents the learner with a basic introduction to the world of legal studies. The lessons explore the definition of law and the role it plays in society, the nuanced diffe..
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Christine Williams

Fundamentals of Business Law

This course reviews important principles found in business law. These principles include details on sole proprietorship, general partnerships, limited partnerships and incorporations. This course exp..
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Yoga Exercises for Core Strength and Flexibility

For learners who have completed the free online introductory yoga course titled "Yoga for a Healthier Lifestyle" available on ALISON, this new yoga course will be a welcome follow-up as it ..
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Smart History

Great Artists and Their Works

Great artists and their works inspire and move people even centuries after the works of art were created. This free online course reviews works of art by great artists through the centuries from Leon..
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Grow It Yourself

Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably

Growing your own organic food in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner is becoming a very popular activity. However, many people hesitate at growing vegetables as they are uncertain how ..
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