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Using Whiteboards (1): SMART Technologies

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Using Whiteboards (1): SMART Technologies
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  • The SMART Whiteboard range of hardware and software products are used worldwide to create engaging and interactive presentations in the classroom, the office and the boardroom.

    This course shows you in a step-by-step manner how to use SMART software, how to present material on a SMART Whiteboard, how to work with images, and how to record a presentation.

    This course is ideal for teachers, trainers, tutors or anyone who wants to learn how to use SMART Whiteboards to make their presentations more engaging and interactive.

  • Upon completion of this course on whiteboards you will know how to add new pages, move between pages and delete pages.

    You will understand how to move to full-screen and minimize the screen. You will gain knowledge of the different pen styles and how to use the highlight tool. You will know how to create different types of lines and how to change the colour of each line. You will understand the properties of each tool.

    You will be able to create different shapes and change the properties of each shape that you create on the page. You will know how to move text, change font, size and other properties. You will understand how to copy text from a Word file and paste it into your page on your whiteboard.

    You will be able to clone text.You will be more aware of maths functions and symbols that can be used on your whiteboard. You will be able to move the controls to the bottom or top of your screen for easy access. You will be able to save your content as a PDF and save your entire presentation.

    You will be able to create additional notes within your presentation and edit it to help communicate with your audience when presenting. You will have the ability to capture a picture of a web page and add it to your presentation in whiteboard.

    You will be able to use the magic pen to highlight certain parts of writing on the screen. You will know how to use the image gallery.

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    SMART Software for Creating Interactive Presentations
    • SMART Software for Creating Interactive Presentations TrainingThis free online course describes the use of SMART software for creating engaging and interactive presentations, for the classroom, the office or the boardroom.The Contents tab displays all the lessons and topics of the course. Each time you click the Contents tab, you will come to this page. A green tick indicates those lessons and topics you have completed, so you can easily see your progress.
    • How to use SMART software
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