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Understanding Bash Scripting & Commands

Learn to use the Bash scripting language to manipulate files and directories in this free online course.

Publisher: Sonar Systems
The Bash (Bourne Again SHell) scripting language provides an efficient way to carry out computational tasks. Explore how to use the Bash Shell to efficiently carry out tasks like swapping users, automating tasks, creating and modifying files and folders. While these tasks are cumbersome with the GUI, you can do them using a single line on the Bash Shell. This course explains how to use Bash scripts to accomplish tasks effectively.
Understanding Bash Scripting & Commands
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Terminals are used to carry out actions and automate commands without the need for menus and tabs that could make a computer’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) frustrating to use. In this comprehensive Bash course, you will learn to quickly and conveniently carry out simple tasks like renaming files to advanced ones like scheduling tasks using the Bash Shell and scripts. Investigate how to easily display the working directory and all of its contents, including hidden files that could typically be a pain to access.

The course will take you through changing directories and quickly locating files on your computer with a single command. Next, you will learn how to get help in the form of command descriptions and manuals should you ever need it. Then, explore how to carry out routine tasks like creating, copying, renaming, deleting files and changing file permissions with superlative ease. Finally, use Nano, a terminal-based editor, to do advanced editing on text files.

This course will demonstrate how to switch users using a single terminal quickly, a process that would otherwise require many menus, saving you time and loading screens in the process. You will also learn to set up your computer to run tasks on specified schedules. The knowledge gained from this course would benefit programmers, systems administrators, and anyone who regularly uses a computer. So start today and learn how to use the terminal to carry out all your computer tasks.

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