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Master Linux and Shell Script From Beginner to Advanced

Learn useful Linux commands and shell script and create your custom programs in this free online course.

Publisher: Quaatso
Have you ever wondered how to create and share files securely and easily over a network? This course will show you some basic and advanced Linux commands and programs for creating, managing, and exploring files on a system and server. We outline the Linux processes and ways to manipulate them. Discover how to install and update third-party software applications and use conditions to automate a task to save time and effort.
Master Linux and Shell Script From Beginner to Advanced
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Linux is an open-source operating system backed by a large community that constantly maintains and releases new features and security patches. We will teach you how to install Linux, its fundamentals and major components, and why it is important to learn for IT professionals. To accept text-based commands from a user, Linux provides a software program called shell that takes input from the user and provides the required output. We teach you how commands work, essential characters used in commands, and the terminal explore directories and files. We also cover different command redirection techniques that you can use to redirect the output of one command to the input of another. A command or program generates a process, and a program is nothing but a collection of steps. We will show you what a process is and how to get info about it, send signals to it, and manipulate a Linux process.

Installing a third-party utility on the Linux OS is different from Windows or Mac and requires a command line. We discuss package management tools to search, install, update and remove an application and its dependencies in different Linux distributions. Linux is a secure OS, and it is chosen as server OS by many IT professionals for its stability, flexibility and ease of use. Explore how to use the proper administrative tools to detect and fix a network problem and control or modify a remote server securely over the internet. Investigate the different encryption techniques used for protecting user data on a server. The primary goal behind writing any shell script is to automate a task to save time and human effort. We use 'For' and 'While' loops to perform iterations without any need for writing the codes repeatedly. We show you how to execute a program for a specified or indefinite number of times using loops until you achieve the desired output.

We have designed this course for beginners who want to have a hands-on experience in Linux and desire to build a career in IT. It requires no prior knowledge or experience in Linux, and anyone can opt-in. This course isn’t only about the theory and concepts of Linux programs and commands. Instead, we demonstrate how to practically write a program and execute it while fixing any error during the execution of the program or command. To make the course interactive and engaging, we provide answers to the most common questions you might have. Since Linux is freely available and uses fewer hardware resources than other popular operating systems, it is an obvious choice for many software programmers and IT experts. Furthermore, its flexibility allows you to use it on a personal computer and a local or web server. So, it is one of the most in-demand OS in IT, opening up a vast arena of jobs for people with knowledge and expertise in Linux. Why wait! Join the course today!

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