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Tourism - Marketing and Promotion

Learn more about marketing and promotion campaign strategies in tourism.

Publisher: Global Text Project
Learn more about marketing and promotion campaign strategies in tourism.
Tourism - Marketing and Promotion
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In order to attract tourists, any organisation or business in the tourist industry must create successful marketing and promotion campaigns. The tourist industry is one of the most important in the world, worth up to one trillion dollars annually, so successful marketing and promotion campaigns have the potential to generate huge revenue.

This course will explain how tourist destinations and tourism businesses can successfully market themselves. The first section of the course explains the main challenges of promoting tourism and how they may be overcome. The following section explains how to identify the target audience of tourism campaigns as well as which methods of advertising are best suited for tourism. The following section explains the customer buying process and how it can be used to determine the objectives for a tourism promotional campaign. The final section explains how an effective marketing campaign can instil brand loyalty in customers and encourage repeat purchases.

This course will be of great interest to marketers that wish to learn how to create campaigns for the tourism industry. It will also be of great interest to tourism board employees and owners of tourism businesses that wish to attract more tourists to a location.

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