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Swift Programming Language for Mac and iOS

Learn to work with Swift, an open source programming language for Mac and iOS with this free online development course.

Publisher: Sonar Systems
In this course, you will learn to work with Swift, the programming language for Mac and iOS, and one of the core foundations of application development worldwide. You will be introduced to Variables and Conditional Statements. You will also learn to work with Functions and Classes using Swift. The demos provided will leave you with a deep understanding of the language, and enable you to start coding immediately.
Swift Programming Language for Mac and iOS
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Swift has wide usage cases and is the programming language that is used in Mac and iOS systems. Other prominent Swift usage applications include web browsers, as is the case with Mozilla’s Firefox, blog CMS management as is the case with WordPress, and streaming as with SoundCloud. In this course, you will learn about Swift, all the main aspects of the programming language, and its processes. And you get step-by-step demos in each lesson on how to create and apply these processes using the language. The course also provides explanations and definitions for programming and development, in general. The course material includes explanations on the Print Line, Variables, and Constants with demos on how to work with each using the Swift language. The process of Typecasting is also covered, and the instructions on how to use Swift for adding Variables into Strings are provided as well.

Arrays are defined in this course, and a demo of creating an Array using Swift is provided. An explanation of Conditional Statements and their importance in programming is included, with a demo for creating them in Swift being provided as well. Loops are defined, and explanations are provided on For Loops, For In Loops, While Loops, and Do-While Loops. Demos on all the Loop types are also explained. Switch, Break and Continue Statements are explained and demonstrated, too. This course also covers Functions, Function Parameters, and Function Return Statements. The processes are covered in detail, with definitions and demonstrations for each. Classes are defined and created in this course, and Class Constructors are explained. And, the method for creating them is provided as well. The final process that gets covered in this course is Enumerations, with explanations on their significance and detailed instructions on how to create them using Swift.

Swift is an increasingly popular programming language for iOS and Mac and has become one of the core foundations of application development worldwide. This comes as no surprise given the popularity of Mac and iOS devices. The iOS app store alone holds within it a large chunk of the global apps market. This course teaches you all that is needed for you to be able to start or advance your development and programming with Swift. The course is not just a collection of content comprised solely of definitions and explanations; it is also a step-by-step how-to guide. Each subject covered includes an implementation demo. This ensures that you learn the correct methods and enables you to add the acquired skills to your coding repertoire. A link to the source files from the course on GitHub is also included and can be found in the Course Resources Section. The detailed Assessment section will also test your knowledge of the course material. Another advantage of this online course is that it is free. So enroll now and benefit from the comprehensive programming and development lesson that is being offered.

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