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Android App Building 107 - Alarm Clock

With this free online course, you can learn the basics of programming applications without having to write any code.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
App Inventor 2 is an open-source piece of software initially developed by Google and now handled by MIT. Because of its innovative building block technology, it is no longer required to possess a PhD in coding to develop apps. After completing this course, beginners and expert programmers will be capable of utilising the block editor to create an app for a digital alarm clock and distribute it to Android devices.
Android App Building 107 - Alarm Clock
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With App Inventor 2, users don't have to spend time learning how to code to create their applications. The simplicity of App Inventor 2 extends to how the interface gets organised, providing straightforward software navigation. This course will help you design apps without knowing complex programming languages like Java or Python. All you need to get started is a dependable internet connection, a fundamental understanding of the concept of mobile application and an excellent idea for an app that doesn't already exist. Beginner programmers or individuals with no prior coding expertise can benefit significantly from this training. Alternatively, professional app makers can profit from a fresh perspective on building block development.

If you're interested in developing Android apps or knowing how to publish on Google Play Store, this course is for you! We begin with the fundamental components of the application, such as the clock, the camera, labels, the notifier and the Tiny WebDB service (exclusively for Android apps). You'll gain a practical understanding of programming basics while navigating App Inventor 2 efficiently and effectively. Discover how to configure the 'Set' and 'Reset' buttons to put the time back to zero by following the guidelines on integrating building blocks. The first steps will help you create an application for setting a timer and showing the time on a digital clock from scratch. In this unit, you'll learn all you need about layouts and essential built-in elements such as control, procedures and variables. Through the development, you'll grasp the clock's rotation and how to implement equations for a circle with built-in blocks. The lessons will teach you to utilise the procedure, mathematics, control and text blocks, which help define the clock's dial movement when the countdown begins.

By the conclusion of this course, you will have developed an Alarm Clock Android application from scratch with practical knowledge about the App Inventor 2 Canvas, Buttons, Arrangement, Storage and Sensor parts. Using the block editor, investigate how to program control, procedures, logic, mathematics and variable blocks. You will explore how to use the Android market. Once you configure the Google developer interface, you will receive step-by-step instructions for publishing and launching applications on the Android market. Finally, consider submitting your APK project files to Google Play, which has 1 billion active users and +3000 applications published daily. Today, anybody can develop an app. Have you made any progress on yours so far? Then, it is time to put your brilliant ideas to work to create a one-of-a-kind application for Android. Enrol now!

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