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Python Programming - Working with Numbers, Dates and Time

Enhance your web programming skills and learn about programming with numbers, dates, and time in Python.

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Python is a programming language that you can use to perform data science tasks with little effort. Its huge number of available libraries means that if you need a low-level code, you can find it from another source without having to write it yourself. This free Python Programming - Working with Numbers, Dates and Time course will introduce you to mathematical operations, converting variable types, and using dates and time in your code.





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When working with variables, you can store numbers as well as strings. This course will teach you the process of storing numeric variables. You will learn the use of mathematics operators and Formatting Numbers.You will learn that the quotes around the text indicate a string, and if you want to assign a numeric value to the variable you simply enter the number. The course will also discuss the how you can get the user to input numeric values into your program.

The course will then teach you the process of using dates in your program. You will learn the different methods for formatting dates and how to use the same function to format time and dates. You will study the library which is a collection of precompiled routines and methods for you to use in your program. Import is a function for making objects and libraries available to your program. You will learn that without importing libraries, certain functions won’t be available and won't show up on the IntelliSense.

Python is one the most used and important programming languages in the world, even used by NASA in its Integrated Planning System as a standard scripting language. By taking this course, you will greatly improve your Python programming skills in just a few short hours. This course is part of a series of Python programming courses and comes after the 'Introduction to Programming with Python'. If you have already taken that course, check out this course today and start enhancing your web programming skills even further.

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