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Python Programming - Working with Complex Decisions and Events

Acquire a new web development skill and learn how to work with complex decisions and event programming in python.

Publisher: Channel 9
With this free online course on python programming, you'll learn how to create IF statements and check multiple conditions using ELIF. A conditional statement in Python performs different computations or actions depending on whether a specific Boolean constraint evaluates to true or false. Conditional statements are handled by IF statements in Python. Improve your programming and web development skills with this event programming course.
Python Programming - Working with Complex Decisions and Events
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When solving problems with your code, your code will need to make decisions or check conditions. For this, you use an if statement or an if else statement. This course will teach you how to create an if statement in python, and explain its usefulness in coding. You will also learn the constraints used for constructing if statements. You will then study the elif statement and explain its differences to a standard if statement. The online python programming course will also discuss the use of logic operators and/or in your if statements.

Loops allow you to repeat the same line of code as often as you want. A variable can be used as the condition for your loop, which is useful if you need to change a value later. This course will help to learn python Loops uses and While Loops and their construction process. You will learn that Loops allow you to repeat the same line of code as often as you want, and While Loops allow you to execute code until a particular condition is true.

By the end of this Python programming course, you will understand conditional statements and loops, which are highly useful in writing your code. This course is the third in a series of Python programming courses. You should have completed the previous two courses on programming with Python: 'Programming Concepts with Python' and 'Python Programming - Working with Numbers, Dates and Time' prior to taking this one. But if you have already completed those courses, check out this course today to learn python programming and improve your coding skills in no time.

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