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PTSD: Dealing with Shock and Trauma

Learn practical exercises for overcoming trauma and shock using the TAT Pose in this free online course.

Publisher: Stephen King
This short course is practical for anyone who has suffered trauma or shock or offers support and counsel on people's journey to healing. We will start by defining what healing is and setting the goal of attaining inner peace. You will learn the exercises that are used for specifically 'cleaning and clearing' shock and trauma. If you are interested in dealing with trauma, then this free course is for you. Enrol today!
PTSD: Dealing with Shock and Trauma
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    1.5-3 Hours
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The world we live in today has become increasingly violent and has created many sufferers of trauma and shock. Technology such as television and the internet also increased the number of people indirectly witnessing traumatic events, so they too may be affected to some degree. Childhood abuse, tragic loss, and a host of other human issues contribute to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This term describes the condition victims of trauma or shock are in before any form of treatment. This course will take you through the practical steps of dealing with PTSD through 'cleaning and clearing energy packets' in the system.

We will start by defining and describing healing and inner peace as what sufferers seek to attain. We will then explain how the impact of an event or series of events causes dysfunction in the body through frozen images known as Template Memories. Dispelling these images is the goal of the exercises proposed in the course - specifically, the TAT Pose and Three-Spot Tapping Points. Before the exercises, you will learn how water impacts one's physiology and the importance of hydration in the treatment. You will also learn about Neurological Disorganization and its correction. Carrying out inner dialogue to affirm and provide some grounding before 'treatment' is a pertinent prerequisite that we will also focus on.

Finally, you will learn the importance of choosing a positive attitude. When you are equipped with an awareness of your attitude, it can lead to success in 'overcoming' trauma and shock. It should be encouraging to anyone interested to know that the exercises introduced in this course have proven effective and provided lasting healing to those who have tried them. Professionals working with sufferers of PTSD, victims, their friends and family, or anyone interested will find the tools provided in this course valuable and practical. Sign up today!

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