Principles of Childhood Development

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The first few years of a child's life are the most critical and become the building blocks of an individual's life. Understanding the important stages of development of a child and equipping yourself with the necessary skills to handle those stages as a parent or teacher is crucial. This online course helps you in understanding the key stages of a child's formative years and the principles involved in ensuring a safe and normal childhood.
Principles of Childhood Development
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Have you ever attentively and closely observed the various behavioral and emotional traits of a child at various stages of their growth? Or have you identified or seen the commonalities between children of the same age and gender while in school or playgroups? This online course will be taking you through these various stages of development of a child and provide you with the key principles necessary to ensure proper growth. Your study will kick off with an introduction of what age group constitutes early childhood. The importance of these formative years in an individual’s life will be discussed. The characteristics of early childhood divided into each age group will be analyzed to properly understand their individual importance and dynamics. An explanation of the developmental tasks or ‘jobs’ that a child needs to learn by a particular age is provided. The child’s emotional and social development at each stage of growth shall be looked at and how parents can play a role in ensuring proper development. As a child matures, their physical and sexual development also comes into the fray. These developments will also be addressed along with fulfilling the needs of children during these stages.

At what age does a child start sitting or standing on their own? Or at what age do they start eating on their own or brushing their teeth? Do all children start doing these tasks at the same age? The answer to these questions is what we will be looking at next during our examination of early childhood development. The development of motor skills is a crucial part of growth. The timeline of motor skills development or motor ‘milestones’ will be provided. The various activities that parents can do with children to help with proper growth of these skills will also be discussed. Potential red flags in motor skills development will also be explained so that any warning signs can be detected early on. Moving on, The development of speech and communication skills is discussed. The research of various theorists on this subject will be provided and the determining factors influencing a child’s speech will be looked at. As a child grows, so does their emotional capability. The various emotional milestones and skills based on age will be described. The theoretical perspective on emotional competence will also be examined.

Everyone needs social interaction to stay mentally strong. But especially for young children, learning how to connect with others is a vital skill for their development. The latter section of the course examines the various stages of the social skill development of a child. The theoretical perspective on childhood socialization is analyzed and the various theories presented by scholars over the years. Identity formation in early childhood and the various patterns of play during childhood socialization are examined in detail. Key activities are also provided so that parents can play an active part in the social skill development of their children. Key patterns of unsocial behavior are also discussed so that early signs of not wanting to socialize are also identified. Lastly, the impact of COVID-19 and its effects on the socializing behaviors of children will be discussed. The early formative years of an individual are absolutely crucial. They set the tone for the remainder of a person’s life. The identification of strengths and weaknesses during this stage of one’s life can have long-lasting consequences. This free online course on Alison.com provides an in-depth analysis of the various stages of childhood development and the necessary principles needed to ensure a fulfilled and cherished upbringing for every child. So don't waste any time and start your learning journey with Alison today!

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