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Nursing Studies - Role of Nurse in Surgical Care

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Nursing Studies - Role of Nurse in Surgical Care
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  • Nursing staff provide essential support during all phases of the surgical cycle, which encompasses the peri-operative, pre-operative, intra-operative and recovery room phases.

    In this nursing studies course the learner is introduced to the vital roles performed by the medical team throughout the surgical experience.

    The range of surgical interventions performed in the treatment of disease and disorders are outlined, along with the related nursing implications and corresponding patient care procedures applied during the surgical cycle. Peri-operative patient care introduces the surgical experience with particular reference to the types and classification of surgical interventions, their function, risk level and impact on the patient.

    The pre-operative phase outlines patient preparation procedures which start once surgical intervention is agreed, through to the patient's arrival on the operating table. Nursing implications, patient care, communication and the relevant documentation process are outlined.

    The intra-operative phase refers to patient surgery and ends when the patient is transferred to the recovery room. The learner is introduced to the surgical team and their respective functions.

    The selection, type, effect and administration method of the anaesthetic agents is also discussed. Patients are transferred directly to the Recovery Room after the surgical intervention procedure is complete and remain there until sufficiently conscious to respond to stimuli.

    Key elements of the course focus on post-operative complications and patient care procedures in relation to body systems treated.

    This nursing studies course will be of great interest to all healthcare professionals who would like to acquire a greater understanding of the key phases in the surgical experience and the types of surgical interventions performed in the treatment of injury, disease and disorders.

  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Cite facts related to the Surgical Experience;
    • Cite the nursing implications are related to preparing a patient for surgery;
    • Understand doctor's orders for implementation of pre-operative care;
    • Cite the nursing implications are related to preparing a patient for surgery;
    • Cite from descriptive statements, the key members of the surgical team;
    • Identify three major classifications of anesthetic agents;
    • Cite complications which should be prevented in the recovery room;
    • Identify nursing implications related to the prevention of respiratory distress.

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