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Gain a stronger understanding of consumer behavior and learn how to influence consumers' decision-making processes.

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An understanding of consumer behavior is key for marketing a product in such a way that satisfies the demands and of your customers. This is because understanding consumer behaviour allows business managers to gauge and control the factors that influence customers' purchasing decisions. To help you gain this crucial marketing knowledge, this Diploma in Applied Psychology course will introduce you to the fundamentals of consumer behavior.





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This course will first introduce you to the importance of studying consumer behavior. You will learn how this field of study developed, its applications, and the stages involved in the consumer decision-making process. You will study the main models of consumer behavior, how these models have been developed, and their implications for a marketer. You will look into the Howard Sheth Model of Consumer Behavior, study the work of renowned psychologists, and learn the applications of these models for the work of a marketer.

You will then study consumer attitudes to help you understand behaviors toward a brand, product, or service. The course will also discuss the nature and function of attitudes, including the structural models of consumer attitudes. Next, you will learn how attitudes are measured by marketers and how changes may come about. The course will then discuss the importance of personality as a factor in the consumer decision-making process as well as the ideas of self-image and self-concept.

By gaining a better understanding of the nature and functions of attitudes, how attitudes are formed, and what factors influence attitudes, you can influence the decision-making process of consumers. The Diploma in Applied Psychology - Consumer Behavior online course can help you design, develop, and implement marketing strategies that can help utilise individual consumers' buying personalities. So, check out the course today, and start enhancing your marketing skills.

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