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NSDC Course: Learn Arabic using English (Hindi Subtitles)

Learn useful phrases and sentences to help communicate with Arabic speakers in different settings and environment.

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This free online Arabic language course will teach you how to speak Arabic through English with Hindi subtitles. It will teach you introductory phrases with which you can introduce yourself to colleagues and strangers, deal with customers, arrange meetings in an office, and ask for driving directions. This course will also cover a range of other topics like seeing a doctor, dentist, or optician, making payments when shopping, and much more!





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This course begins by teaching you basic Arabic phrases commonly used in an office environment. You will learn how to introduce yourself and handle work situations such as deal with customers and arrange meetings. You will learn to ask questions such as how long they have worked in the company, where they live, and how long it takes them to reach the office. You will also study how to tell them you're going out for lunch and about the traffic situation.

You will then learn how to ask for directions when driving, where's the nearest gas station, and if parking is allowed. This course will also teach you how to make a purchase as well as make a complaint. You will also learn how to pronounce numbers and addresses in the Middle East, learn words and phrases for tools and materials commonly found on all construction sites, basic phrases for health safety issues, and more!

Learning how to speak Arabic can build your confidence when conversing with others in different settings. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to communicate with others better in an office setting, in a retail environment when shopping, in a hospitality environment such as a hotel, in a construction environment, and more. Sign up for this course and learn useful basic phrases and sentences in Arabic today!

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