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NSDC Course: General Duty Assistant (Healthcare)

Learn how to assist nurses and doctors delivering medical care to patients with this general duty assistant course.

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This free online NSDC general duty assistant course will teach you about the role of a general duty assistant in healthcare. If you are interested in providing assistance to nurses and doctors in delivering medical care to patients or want to play a crucial role in helping patients manage their day-to-day activities, this course is perfect for you. Start this free online course today and start on your career plan as a general duty assistant.





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This course will show you how to transport patients from one ward to another, help them manage their personal hygiene, aid nurses administer drugs and draw samples, handle hospital medical and surgical equipment, help feed patients, take note of patients' body temperature and breathing rate, and ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible.

The course will then introduce you to the hospital system, with a focus on the structure and services that are delivered in the hospital. You will also learn the necessary precautions needed while delivering patient care. As this course is designed to equip you with the most essential knowledge and skills for assisting patients, each lesson will give you a more a direct understanding of the different areas of a General Duty Assistant's role.

If you are serious about becoming a healthcare administrator assistant, this is the course for you. By the end of the course, you will have the core skills and knowledge necessary to assist patients in hospital, and additionally you will understand different parts of the human body and how they work, the functions of the different branches of medicine, and be familiar with the common medical equipment used in the hospital. So, check out this course now and jumpstart your career today!

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Hospital Structure and Services

Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding the Human Body

Human Physiological System

Branches of Medicine

Introduction to the Hospital - Test your Learning

Comman Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Infectious and Tropical Diseases - Test your Learning

General Surgical and Medical Instruments

Following Sterilization Procedures

Hospital Equipment and Precautions - Test your Learning

Making a Bed

Transporting the Patient

Positioning the Patient

Bedmaking, Transporting and Positioning a Patient - Test your Learning

Prevention of Bed Sores and Bathing the Patient

Oral Care

Hair Care


Assist a Nurse in Grooming Patients With Specific Health Needs

Managing Patient Hygiene - Test your Learning

Feeding the Patient

Feeding the Patient - Test your Learning

Assistance in Medication

Managing Elimination Needs

Measuring Vital Signs

Management of Specimens

Care of the Dying and Care of a Dead Body

Communication Skills

Maintain a Safe, Healthy and Secure Environment

Soft Skills, Health and Hygiene

Medical Assistance and Communications - Test your Learning

General Duty Assistant Graded Assessment

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course you will be able to: - Describe the structure and services available in a hospital; - Explain the roles and responsibilities of a General Duty Assistant; - Identify the different parts of the human body and their functions; - Explain the functions of the different branches of medicine; - Assist the healthcare professional in the treatment and prevention of diseases, viruses and infections; - Describe common medical equipment used in the hospital; - Apply the correct procedures when transporting and positioning a patient; - Assist a patient in maintaining personal hygiene; - Assist in feeding a patient; - Assist the nurse in assessing the vital signs of a patient; - Assist the nurse or the lab technician while collecting specimen.


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