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Marketing Strategies for Service Management

Learn more about marketing strategies for positioning and pricing business services.

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Learn more about marketing strategies for positioning and pricing business services.
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Learn about a variety of marketing strategies that help position a business service in the marketplace and give it a competitive advantage by implementing an effective pricing strategy by studying the course Marketing Strategies for Service Management. 

The course begins by introducing the principles of positioning a business service and how positioning strategies can be used to correctly position a service in the marketplace. You will learn how to develop an effective positioning strategy for a business service and how to use positioning maps to analyze competitive strategy. You will then learn about branding and what is meant by a 'brand'. You will learn about the key features of a successful brand and how they can be applied to a business service. You will examine the various components of strategic thinking and how to develop and implement a strategic plan.

You will learn about strategies that help grow a service business and help the business to respond to changes in the industry and market conditions, and how to best capitalize on new opportunities. You will also be introduced to five different competitive strategies and learn how these can be used in a service business to generate a competitive advantage that will enhance customers' delight and create customer advocacy for the service. Finally, you will learn about strategies for setting the price of business services. You will be introduced to the Three C's model for price setting and market-penetration pricing. You will learn about price-adjustment strategies and how to respond to competitors' price changes.

This course will be of great interest to all professionals working in the area of business services and service management and who would like to learn more about marketing strategies that help position and price a business service.

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