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Manufacturing Processes - Material Removal

Learn about the mechanism of metal cutting, chip formation, and tool life and tool failure from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on Manufacturing Processes- Material Removal teaches you about the machining process, the mechanism of metal cutting and the process of chip formation. You will learn about the different types of chips in the material removal process, different sources of heat generation during the metal cutting process and tool failure/tool life. So, begin this course today and enhance your knowledge on material removal processes.
Manufacturing Processes - Material Removal
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There are multiple types of processes that manufacturers can use to remove unwanted extra material from raw material. Manufacturing Processes-Material Removal is a free online course that will teach you how to remove the unwanted material from the stock in order to get a desired size and shape of a product. This course illustrates how metal cutting works and the different sources of heat generation during the metal cutting process.

This course begins by introducing you to the machining process in which unwanted material is being removed from a stock . You will learn about the mechanism of metal cutting, metal removal rate and shear plane angle. Furthermore, you will learn about chip formation and the cutting conditions that affect it. Lastly, you will learn about types of chips and power consumption, heat generation, as well as tool life/failure.

This free online course will give you a great understanding of how unwanted materials are removed from raw materials. You will learn about the different processes such as chip formation, types of chips, the effect of heat on the process and tool life/failure. This course will be of great interest to individuals in the manufacturing industry. Start this free course today and improve your knowledge of successful material removal in manufacturing processes.

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