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Introduction to Principles of Industrial Engineering

Learn how to apply the fundamental principles of industrial engineering in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course, you will be introduced to the chronological developments that have taken place in the field of industrial engineering, as well as the general approach and specific objectives of this specialized field that seeks to optimize systems. You will gain an understanding of the different groups and divisions, and how people interact in an organization in order to achieve set goals and objectives.
Introduction to Principles of Industrial Engineering
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Do you need a foundational understanding of the developments and techniques used in industrial engineering? This course will begin by breaking down the definition of an ‘industry’, as well as explaining the primary, secondary and tertiary type of industries. You will learn about the important functions of industrial engineering, which include plant design and location, management and operations, facility layout, as well as production planning and control.

Next, you will learn how to use various tools such as value analysis, work-study, inventory control and job evaluation. Then, the material analyzes the functions, groups, divisions, roles and authorities that make up a typical organizational structure. It also outlines how these different categories interact in an organization to achieve set goals and objectives. Furthermore, the classification of products (which include custom-designed, highly standardized and mixed- strategy) will also be highlighted in this course. 

You will also learn about the three types of organizations (vertical, horizontal and matrix), as well as the differences between the process- and product-focused organizational structures. If you want to explore industrial engineering, consider this foundation course for a thorough grounding in the basic knowledge needed for this in-demand sector.

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