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Introduction to Excel 2013 Power Business Intelligence

Learn about the Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools you can add to Excel 2013.

Publisher: Channel 9
Business intelligence(BI) a technological way of analysing data and clearly presenting that information, to help make informed business decisions. Excel 2013 has many tools and capabilities that enable you to do this in Microsoft Excel. Study this free online Excel Power BI course to learn how you can use Excel 2013 with Microsoft’s Power BI tools to clearly display business related data through queries, data models, Power views and Power maps.
Introduction to Excel 2013 Power Business Intelligence
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In this online course Excel 2013 Power BI Fundamentals, you will be taught about power BI tools you can add to Excel, using power query to importing data from the internet, and add that data to your excel worksheet. Along with how to Displaying your data with Power Views and Power Maps.

The course starts off with informing you about the Power BI tools and how to setting them up in Microsoft excel. After which you will learn about creating a power query to get data form a web page, modifying your power query and adding the data form the query to your excel worksheet. You will learn about the data model, preparing your data model for creating a power view, and adding a url image to your data table/s.

The next topic will teach you about creating power views, adding data form your data model to your power view. You will learn about the different visualizations you can use to display your data in power view. You will learn about interacting with reports in power view to get them to display different data, and tilling card reports so it won’t affect your other reports in the same power view, along with the process of adding a simple map to display in your power view.

Finally, you will be taught about creating power maps, and what data you would have to modify in your data model to get it to work. You will learn about how power maps use Bing maps and will need geographical information in your data model for power maps to work properly. You will learn about creating new scenes and displaying your data on a power map. You will learn about setting the transition between your scenes and creating a video out of your finished power map.

This course would be of great interest to those who wish to further the Microsoft excel knowledge and learn about displaying their excel work sheet data for presentations.

Prerequisites: the learn should have basic skills in using Microsoft excel, and an understating of data relationships would be of great benefit.

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