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Introduction to Economics

Learn the fundamentals of economics in this free online certificate course.

Publisher: XSIQ
This free online cert course teaches you the fundamentals of economics. It covers a wide range of topics such as GDP, the wealth of nations and economic growth, capital, accumulation and the economics of ideas. The course will be of great interest to anyone who wants to make a career out of business or economics or simply wants to learn more about how the financial side of the world works. So make sure you start your learning today.
Introduction to Economics
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Macroeconomics refers to the study of an economy as a whole. If you’re interested in knowing more about how your national economy functions, this course is an excellent choice. The course begins by discussing gross domestic product (GDP), explaining what it is, nominal vs real GDP and the standard of living, as well as how GDP is analyzed through national spending.

The course then moves on to talk about the wealth of nations, looking at the basic facts of wealth and how growth rates are crucial. It also explores innovations and looks at both growth miracles and disasters, exploring what contributes to the former and what can cause the latter. The course also discusses the importance of institutions and geography and economic growth.

Finally, the course moves on to introduce you to the Solow Model and how it helps to distinguish cutting edge growth. It also teaches you about the economics of ideas, human capital and how the incentivization of ideas through patents, prizes and subsidies can help growth. This course is an excellent choice for those studying economics, teachers of economics, or anyone who is interested in macroeconomics.

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