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Historic Cities: Heritage Zones and Historic Settings

Learn about historic cities and heritage zones across the world in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course describe historic cities and heritage zones that have stood the test of time all over the world. This course explains the Amsterdam declaration that launched the policies for integrated conservation, and citizen's participation in historic cities. By the end of this course, you will become familiar with the guidelines for rehabilitation of historic structures and the process of adapting a building for a new use.
Historic Cities: Heritage Zones and Historic Settings
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This course explains the policy documents that broaden the concept of urban heritage and its integrated conservation. You will learn about how historical and architectural areas are taken to mean any group of buildings, structures and open space. You will also learn the principles and guidelines for the protection and conservation of historic towns.

The course then explains how adaptive reuse in revamping historic buildings has been accepted over the years as a viable form of conserving historic cities. You will learn about the process of visual impact assessment. You will also learn about how to change the streetscape of a city and how to fill the gap elements of a townscape.

This course then explains a major guideline for rehabilitating an old building is to ensure historic character is retained and the original fabric is preserved as much as possible. You will learn about the Archeological Survey (ASI) which has been responsible for archeological research and the conservation and preservation of cultural monuments in India. You will also learn about how construction and design are constantly updated to meet modern demands.

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