Fundamentals of Perl Programming - Revised

Learn more about the features of the Perl programming language such as formats, modules, Perl CGI.pm, and subroutines.

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Practical Extraction and Report Language (or Perl) is a programming language which can be used for different tasks such as extracting information from a text file, printing out a report, or converting a text file into another form. It is an interpreted language which means codes can be run as is, without compilation. This course will introduce you to the main features of the Perl language and the basics of programming with Perl.
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The course starts off by teaching you about the basics of Perl programming, from installing Perl to creating variables, array loops, conditional statements, and mathematical operations. It will then discuss functions, hashes, file manipulation, and the basics of regular expressions. You will learn environmental variables, how to retrieve them, and what data they contain, and be shown how to include other script files of Perl modules into your program. You will also cover the Perl module CGI.pm and discuss all the features and functions it provides.

You will then be shown how Perl is used to send emails, post forms on the internet, and download and extract data from web pages. The course will also teach you about file manipulation, formatting text files using Perl, and the main types of Perl references and how to use them. Finally, you will delve into more complex uses of hashes, arrays, loops and databases, and learn about using regular expressions to manipulate text.

Perl was designed specifically for text processing. Its regular expression support is better than that of most other languages, and its built-in capability makes it a widely used server-side programming language. This course will give aspiring programmers and software developers of any level the knowledge they need to begin using Perl in their work. This will be a significant boost to your skill set, and to your résumé. So why wait? Start your next learning journey, today.

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this course you will : 

  • Recognize how to create use and manipulate variables & Arrays
  • Recognize loops and conditional statements in Perl programming
  • Explain how the functions Grep and Map work and what they do
  • Recognize how to create and manipulate a hash
  • Discuss environmental variables how to retrieve them and what data they contain
  • Explain how to include other script files or Perl module into your program
  • Explain how references work and how to use them
  • Discuss the keywords my and local and what they do
  • Recognize how to store data structures
  • Identify what back references are and what they can do
  • Discuss creating and using Regular Expressions


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