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Fundamentals of Accounting

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Fundamentals of Accounting
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  • Using an interactive presentation style, Alison's accounting course dives into the terminology employed in financial circles, the principles used in basic accounting and the systems put in place to ensure financial control is maintained. The accounting course explores the main financial statements including the profit and loss account, the balance sheet and the everyday adjustments that have to be made. After completing the accounting course, you are expected to be aware of the importance of prudential financial management and the factor it plays in the success or failure of businesses and organizations.

  • Upon completion of Alison's online accounting course you will know how to create a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet. It will help you when dealing with accounting terminology and important principles such as matching, disclosure, consistency, diversity, dependability, verifiability, conservatism and many other common accounting terms. Alison's accounting course will help you gain knowledge of prepaid and accrued expenses, recording, capital account, closing and posting entries. You will also learn how to create a general journal and ledger.

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