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Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers and Trainers

Learn some helpful effective communication techniques and styles for teachers and trainers with this free online course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online course covers effective communication techniques for teachers and trainers, and is very useful for learners who are on their way to becoming professional educators. It helps them communicate effectively with their students by teaching the most important types of effective communication skills and their use in the classroom. Enroll now and learn how to properly engage with different kinds of students and manage difficult classroom
Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers and Trainers
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This free online teacher communication techniques course will guide you through essential communication skills for teachers. It will begin by giving you an introduction to communication in the classroom setting. It will then discuss the functions of different types of talk and will show you how classroom communication serves a mixture of content talk, procedural talk, and behavior control talk. You will then learn how to apply these types of communication in the classroom to stimulate student thinking.

Next, you will learn how to recognize the different elements of communication skills such as verbal, nonverbal and unintended communication. You will study some of the issues that may arise when using non-verbal communication and also learn about structures of participation such as questions and answers, discussion, and group work. Lastly, you will learn how these different structures can positively impact a teacher's preparation for class.

The effective communication training course will be of great interest to any educators and trainers who want to learn more about effective communication skills and how to use them in an educational setting. By applying the different functions and types of communication covered in this effective communication training course, managing difficult situations in the classroom can become much easier. So, check out the effective communication training course and start enhancing your teaching skills today.

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