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Diploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management

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Diploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management
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  • The essential role of the nurse as caregiver is well recognised but the modern nurse can also be a team leader and healthcare teacher.

    This nursing course provides an overview of the varied dimensions associated with the practical nurse as team leader within the healthcare setting. The course also provides the learner with an overview of the skills, techniques, and approaches required to effectively treat a diverse range of patients. You will also learn about transcultural nursing and how it addresses the issues encountered when providing medical care to diverse cultural groups, or those from cultures different from the nursing professionals.

    Nursing staff provide essential support during all phases of the surgical cycle, which encompasses the peri-operative, pre-operative, intra-operative and recovery room phases. In this free nursing course the learner is introduced to the vital roles performed by the medical team throughout the surgical experience.

    This nursing course will be of great interest to all health care professionals who would like to learn more about good nursing management practices and techniques that help protect and maintain the health and safety of both nursing professional and patient in any health care setting.

    The course will also be of great interest to any learner who is planning a career in the area of nursing or other areas of the health care sector.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Identify factors which define Team Nursing; - Identify the responsibilities of a Team Leader; - Understand type of Leadership styles employed; - Cite factors that determine Productivity levels; - Identify steps in the teaching learning process; - Identify Steps in the Learning Process; - Understand Factors which affect Learning; - Identify principles for effective teacher-learning; - Identify three types of learning; - Understand the Teaching Strategies that are effective with types of Learning; - Identify basic human needs and concepts of health; - Identify examples of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; - Identify purposes of human communication and critical elements of therapeutic communication; - Identify nursing interventions needed to communicate with the patient who is blind, deaf, or speaks a foreign language; - Recognize common emotional reactions to illness and hospitalization; - Identify factors of Transcultural Nursing and sociocultural beliefs about illness to include causes, cures, and nursing implications. - Cite facts related to the Surgical Experience; - Cite the nursing implications related to preparing a patient for surgery; - Understand doctor's orders for implementation of pre-operative care; - Cite from descriptive statements, the key members of the surgical team; - Identify three major classifications of anesthetic agents; - Cite complications which should be prevented in the recovery room; - Identify nursing implications related to the prevention of respiratory distress;

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