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Diploma in Interaction Design

Learn about design principles for creating interactive products and goal-directed design in this online diploma course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This diploma in Interaction Design course teaches you the basic principles, processes, and models that are essential in the development of interactive products. Learn about the importance of user goals in interface design, various interaction models and paradigms, and a step-by-step analysis of the stages in the goal-directed design process. Begin this course and improve your interaction design knowledge and skills.
Diploma in Interaction Design
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    6-10 Hours
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Interactive products are created by designers in collaboration with other teams that apply various design strategies and other related activities. Diploma in Interaction Design is a free online course that will guide you through important models and processes in interaction design. The course begins with an introduction to the basic concepts in interaction design including user interface and the role of user goals in interaction design.
Next, you will discuss interaction models and other models such as mental, system, and represented models that are employed in ux design. You will also explore various paradigms of interaction design including Ubicomp and transparent computing. Furthermore, you will analyze the different phases of the goal-directed design process. You will also study the key activities in the research phase and various means of identifying ideal candidates for interviews. Then, you will discuss the details of the modeling phase and the categorization of requirements in the requirement definition phase. You will also learn about developing scenarios and aspects of defining the design framework. Finally, you will study the evaluation framework and the methods of usability evaluation.
This free online interaction design course will help you to learn about key concepts and requirements in developing interactive products successfully as well as meeting user goals. This course will be of great interest to students, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, product designers, and anyone with an interest in the development of interactive products. Begin this course today and improve your interaction design skills.

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