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Design of Compression Members in Steel Structures

In this free online course, discover the steps in designing compression members to carry loads in steel structures.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course in the Design of Compression Members in Steel Structures will reveal how compression members can be efficiently designed for steel buildings. Compression members, such as columns, are a major supporting unit of a steel structure as they are subjected to various kinds of loads. There is a need to design the compression members to efficiently carry those loads. This course will guide you through such designs and more.
Design of Compression Members in Steel Structures
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This free online course starts by introducing you to the types of compression members as well as the modes of failures in columns. You will learn about Euler's theory of column buckling and the factors affecting the strength of compression members. You will also learn about the method of determining the compressive strength and the stress of compressive members such as columns. 

Next, you will learn how to calculate the compressive strength of an angle strut when connected by bolts or weld; examples are provided to illustrate the calculations. Also, you will learn about calculating the strength of a double angle strut that is connected to the same or opposite sides of a gusset plate. The course then guides you on the step-by-step process of designing compression members. Lastly, you will learn about the design procedures for built-up compression members; with examples to demonstrate these designs.

All the designs in this course are in accordance with the Indian Standard Code of Practice. This code serves as a guide for structural engineers or designers to ensure safe and efficient building structures. The course will help you learn how these codes of practice are implemented in designing economical and efficient compression members for steel buildings. Start the course today.


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