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Advanced Diploma in Design of Steel Structures

Learn how to economically design steel structures, tension members and welded connections from this course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This Design of Steel Structures free online course will teach you about design procedures for steel structure members and connections. This course will broaden your knowledge of how to design suitable bolt and welded connections for steel structures. You will learn a step-by-step process of designing tension and compression members, including lacing systems and batten plates. You will also learn how to design beams, bases and more.
Advanced Diploma in Design of Steel Structures
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    20-30 Hours
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In this free online Advanced Diploma Course on Design of Steel Structures, you will be exposed to the steps in designing suitable members and connections for steel structures, with examples to demonstrate such designs. This online training course begins with explaining the importance of steel as a structural material and how to design the various types of bolt and weld connections. You will then learn about the process of designing eccentric connections with load lying on the bolt or weld connection.

This free course on Structural Steel Design will then proceed to teach you the design procedures for tension and compression members. You will then learn about the steps in designing lacing systems and batten plates. You will also be learning how to design laterally supported beams and unsupported beams. Lastly, you will learn how to design a gantry girder for an overhead crane system as well as suitable column based steel structures.

Furthermore, the modules of this course provide worked-out examples and diagrams to illustrate the steps in designing the various members and connections of steel structures, in order to guide structural designers in designing suitable and economical steel structures. So, if you are interested in civil engineering or you are a structural designer, engineer, or one who wants to get advanced insights on how steel structural members and connections are designed, this course is for you. Start this training course today, to get profound understanding on how to economically design steel structures members and connections without compromising the quality of the structure.

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