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Data Analytics: Probability distribution

Learn about the basics, fundamentals and importance of probability and sampling distribution in this free online course

Publisher: NPTEL
Having a sound background in probability distribution is a prerequisite for data analytics. Data scientists use the knowledge of probability distribution in coming up with machine learning models. This free online course on data analytics and probability distribution describes the various methods of assignment of probabilities. By the end of this course, you will become better acquainted with the importance of distributions in data analytics.
Data Analytics: Probability distribution
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A probability distribution is a statistical function that explains the possible values that a random variable can take. This free online course data analytics and probability distribution explain the different ways of assigning probability, including marginal and conditional probabilities. The course describes the various Explain solutions to problems using the laws of probability, including the laws of addition, multiplication and conditional probability.

The course explains how the Bayes’ rule of probability is used in describing the probability of an event occurring, based on prior knowledge of the conditions that might be related to the event. You will learn about the properties of empirical distributions. You will also learn about binomial distributions and their applications.  The mean and variance of a discrete random variable are key concepts that are clearly explained in this free online course.

Finally, you will be taken through the importance of simple random sampling. You will learn about the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics. You will be introduced to the differentiating factors between populations and samples. This free online course will be particularly useful for you if you are interested in acquiring key knowledge on the process of making calculations under probability, using sampling distributions. Explore the world of probability distributions by starting this course today.

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