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Diploma in Data Analytics with Python

This diploma course covers the importance and uses of data analytics in making business driven decisions in industries.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online data analytics course explains in great detail, analytics in a wide variety of industries. The course will be of great interest to students and professionals who wish to learn more about the use of analytics in their career and life. The course includes detail on how to develop the in-demand skills and knowledge needed to analyze data with python and drive decision-making to improve business performance in today's industries.
Diploma in Data Analytics with Python
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    6-10 Hours
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The data analytics with python course begins by explaining the importance of data analysis and how data science can be used in making value based decisions to a business. You will learn about how python as a programming language is well suited for data analytics. You will learn about the basics of python programming and the simple python installation process. You will also be introduced to probability and how probability is used in solving analytical based problems.
The diploma course explains sampling techniques and the concept of random sampling in data analytics. You will get to know more about the various types of sampling distributions and how to solve probabilistic tasks using sample distributions. You will also learn about the process of statistical hypothesis testing and how it is used in statistical inference and predictive analytics.
The diploma course then explains the design, conduction of experiments involving randomized complete block designs and the concept of analysis of variance. You will learn about the simple linear and multiple regression model. You will learn about the maximum likelihood principle and how it is used in binomial distributions. You will also learn about the chi-square test, its applications, including a test for the goodness of fit and the test for independence.

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