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Critical Facility: Critical Infrastructure

Learn about critical infrastructure, hazard identification, and preventative maintenance with this free online course.

Publisher: NCMCO
This free online Critical Facility course will teach you the skills required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure such as HVAC, plumbing, and fire systems are used in almost every business in the world. As a critical infrastructure operator you will need to be familiar with critical infrastructure equipment. This course teaches you the science and functions of critical infrastructure.
Critical Facility: Critical Infrastructure
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course will first introduce you to the fundamental concepts related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). You will study the common sources of primary or secondary heat provided for Critical Operations. The course will discuss refrigerant-based cooling, water-based cooling, alternative cooling, and air circulation systems as well as teach you HVAC preventative maintenance. You will then study plumbing and water supply sources as well as the uses of compressed gas systems.

Next, you will look into fire safety, systems, and equipment that are integral to a critical facility. The course will discuss the fire triangle and the primary functions of fire detection systems. You will look into the principles of fire suppression, sprinkler systems, and fire pump systems, as well as study structural and containment components. Finally, you will tackle the subject of personal safety, hazard analysis, and emergency response as well as learn the importance of immediately reporting an incident.

As a critical infrastructure operator or manager, it is important that you have a deep understanding of the core mechanisms behind the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). Knowing how water is brought in and managed and how wastewater is handled, as well as the systems and processes of fire prevention and fire suppression, are all essential. This course will teach you the necessary skills that you need in order to meet your responsibilities, all in just a few short hours.

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