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Community Psychology - Tools for Action

Learn about community psychology theory and practice, social change and social justice with this free online course.

Publisher: BCcampus OpenEd
This free online course on Community Psychology discusses the tools for action that community psychologists use. You will learn how to identify the diverse reasons and the areas community psychologists work and research in, and will be able to describe and discuss the main theories and research methods as well as the aspects and processes of empowerment to make changes in communities.
Community Psychology - Tools for Action
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This free online course, Tools for Action in Community Psychology, will teach you about the work and development of community psychologists, who view social problems as a result of unequal distribution of resources, and their work for social justice, and community empowerment. You will learn about social justice and how it is a goal of community psychologists. Then you will be learning about the community psychology theories as well as community psychologies practice competencies and their importance

Next, you will be learning about the presence of diversity in communities, and how community psychologists’ work involves taking action against systems of oppression and power. You will also study public policies and how to create partnerships within your community. Finally, you will learn about community intervention and prevention strategies for dealing with social issues.

Studying this free online course will be of great interest to those already working in the field of community psychology or social care, and for those interested in community psychology theory and practice, social psychology, clinical psychology, social support, as well as community mental health. So, why wait? Sign up for this online course and start learning about how community psychology can be an effective tool for action today!

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