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Building Bots Using The Microsoft Bot Framework

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Building Bots Using The Microsoft Bot Framework
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  • The course Building Bots Using The Microsoft Bot Framework will walk you through the creation of a bot and introduce you to the software available to help you. The course will also introduce you to the Azure Bot Service and how it can help you create an effective bot.

    The course begins by introducing you to the Microsoft Bot Framework and how it can help you create a bot. You will be taught how to create conversational dialogs from the ground up, and also how to incorporate NLS and deep learning technology into your bot.

    Finally, you will look at the Azure Bot Service Preview. You will learn how this service allows your bot to develop its intelligence quickly and effectively, using a combination of the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Functions. You will also examine the Azure Portal, Visual Studio, and LUIS to further understand how to increase your bot’s intelligence.

    This course will be of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the new and upcoming field of bots and bot tools. It will also be of interest to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of how to make their bots more intelligent and useful.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to: - Discuss how to use the Microsoft Bot Framework to create a bot. - Explain the uses of LUIS and the Bot Connector. - Explain how to publish your bot. - Discuss connecting your bot to your users using the Bot Connector. - Explain the benefits of using the Azure Bot Service for your bot. - Discuss how to use the Azure Bot Service.

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