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Anti-Bullying Training

Learn about the roles and responsibilities parents and teachers have in identifying and preventing bullying.

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This course will provide information and some basic tools for parents and teachers to address bullying. You will understand why it is such a pertinent issue and recognise that all children involved need help – those who are bullied and those who bully. You will also learn about cyberbullying and the relevant legislations.With this course you will learn how to protect children from self doubt and suffering in the context of bullying.
Anti-Bullying Training
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    4-5 Hours
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Why is bullying such a complex issue? What happens in the mind of a child who is being bullied or is a bully and how does it affect their future behavior? Do we even know if our child is a bully? How do we address this issue? Such questions are likely to pop up in the minds of parents and teachers. This course will introduce you to various forms of bullying in both primary school and secondary school. You will learn about the relevance and severity of bullying and cyberbullying. Children who are bullies exhibit certain distinctive behavioural characteristics, which will be discussed in this course to provide you with more clarity on how to diagnose the issue. The causes of bullying will be explained and you can reflect on many thought provoking questions as every topic in this course has a couple of reflection activities.

The second module of the course will explain the long-term and short-term effects of bullying– both on the victim and the perpetrator. It is possible to identify the signs of bullying and this course will show you some of the main signs. Teachers and parents can prevent bullying to some extent and this module will teach how they should react when it happens. You will also learn how parents can take timely action to help their child – who could either be a bully or is being bullied. Step-by-step action points will guide you on how to talk to various parties involved in bullying and you will understand this issue from the teachers’ perspective as well. Various examples within the text of the course will help you to identify the bullying prevention and coping strategies either as a parent or as a teacher.

Finally, you will get a quick look at the Equality Act 2010 and some other laws and regulations that help in defining different forms of discriminations that cause bullying. In the last module of the course you will get familiar with some special cases of bullying and certain governmental requirements for eliminating discrimination in schools. This section of the course will help you to perceive the larger picture within which an anti-bullying policy needs to be implemented. You will grasp the meaning and nature of anti-bullying policies in school and it will give you the confidence to raise the issue for yourself or for others, whenever the need arises. This course will be of interest and benefit to a school counsellor, a parent or a teacher or to anyone who wants to work in administration. So, you can enrol today for this free course and become a key component of an anti-bullying guidance system.

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