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Advanced Features in Word 2019

Master the most useful advanced functions of Microsoft 2019 in this free online word processing course.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
This free online word processing course introduces you to the essential tools of Word 2019 that increase your efficiency. We explore keyboard shortcuts, the versatile ‘format’ function and the use of special characters that can make your documents appear more professional and polished. This course can save you time and trouble as word processing is a vital skill that spans most jobs and industries.
Advanced Features in Word 2019
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We introduce you to the advanced tools of Word 2019 that allow you to fluently maximize the program’s potential. We begin by addressing some basic usability questions and then move on to more advanced topics. Microsoft Word is one of the most-used word processors in the world today and learning how to use it properly will boost your effectiveness in your daily professional life. We demonstrate the role of keyboard shortcuts in speeding up typing and explain how to take advantage of the ‘formats’ function before moving on to special characters.

We show you how to work with a document in the ‘print’ template and in ‘web’ mode, which helps you to create web content effectively. This course teaches you how to insert and work with tables presented in different styles and formats. We cover various useful functions such as the navigation panel, the grammar checker and the ability to group and align objects. Word can also handle mathematical formulae with its wide range of symbols and signs and we take you through its resources to help you increase your productivity.

This course provides practical word processing knowledge and is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of Word and want to dig deeper into advanced features to get the most out of the software. Almost every profession demands the drafting of professional documents and we can help you do so more efficiently and elegantly.

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