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Beginners Guide to Microsoft Word

This free online course will teach you how to use the various Microsoft Word options to their maximum potential.

Publisher: JM Ekhteyari
Even though Microsoft Word offers hundreds of valuable functions, most of us only use a small portion of them. Consider how much simpler our daily work would be if we used even a fraction of Microsoft Word's features. This course will introduce you to the world of MS Word by demonstrating how to do more work with less effort. Use the advice in this course to your advantage and learn how to use this program successfully.
Beginners Guide to Microsoft Word
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    5-6 Hours
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This course aims to teach you how to create and manage documents professionally. It starts by illustrating the most basic Microsoft Word options, teaching you the different methods of launching the program and the options on the start home page. Discover how to open an existing file or create a new or blank template. We will then describe how recovering unsaved files can be a valuable alternative. Understanding the MS Word interface allows you to manage different options and use them appropriately. Learn how to create new documents or open existing ones, save your newly created or updated document and manage print settings.

The following section explores the home menu. Examine how to manage clipboards, cut, copy or paste. We demonstrate how to customise fonts and paragraphs and modify font styles. The ‘insert’ menu allows you to add multiple items to your document. Learn to insert and format a cover page, blank page and page break. We will illustrate the different methods of inserting tables, table designs and layouts. Learn the MS word tables by practically making an invoice, certificate, attendance and CV. Next, we explain how to insert a picture or shape and use the 'SmartArt' function and customise the ideal template for your purposes.

The final section of the course describes how to use the ‘built-in’ option. You will learn how to use the Windows tool to take a screenshot, link and bookmark objects and add cross-references and comments. We will describe how to add a header, footer, text box and symbols. Next, you will customise the document colour, fonts, page background and border. This course includes an explanation of page setup, paragraph indent, citations, tables of figures, footnotes and endnotes. You will discover how to adjust the display, save and understand more advanced settings. Finally, we will walk you through Microsoft Word's new features, ‘draw’ and ‘developer’ menu. Sign up for this course and start benefiting from the insights you have gained.

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