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Starting a Business or Social Enterprise - The Stone Soup Way Free Course

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  • This free interactive online business course covers entrepreneurship. Taking as its inspiration the book: "Stone Soup - The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing", this course takes you through the 26 ingredients needed. This course not only brings you a flavour of the book, it also provides a profile of the successful entrepreneur/venture founder.

  • This course will encourage and motivate you to set up your own business. You will learn effective team-building techniques and you will have a good knowledge of the characteristics of some of the most successful entrepreneurs. This course will help you deal with times of crisis or change within a business. You will understand the most important personal qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

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Stone SoupThis free entrepreneurial skills course covers the ingredients necessary to start a new venture. It also features a comprehensive assessment section. This page is the course map. You can access this page anytime by clicking the Contents tab. From here you can access any part of the course, including the assessment. You can also see your progress at one glance.
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    Bill Liao

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