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Business Communication - Managing Successful Team Meetings

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Business Communication - Managing Successful Team Meetings
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  • Learn about the communication skills needed for coordinating and managing successful team meetings in the work place by studying the course Business Communication - Managing Successful Team Meetings. 

    Team meetings are an essential part of any business or organization: they help progress ongoing projects with the business; they can facilitate the creation and development of new ideas; they can highlight and resolve serious problems within a business. Poorly managed team meetings result in frustrated team members and are a waste of time and resources, whereas successful team meetings result in motivated team members and bring great benefits to a business. Successful team meetings depend on excellent business communication skills to arrange, manage and report on the meeting.

    In this course you will learn about the key communication skills needed for successful team meetings. You will learn that how a team meeting is arranged is key to its successful outcome. You will learn about the importance of the purpose statement and agenda for the meeting, and how they must be communicated to the individual team members so that they can prepare for the meeting. Once the meeting is in progress you will learn about the communication skills needed to manage a meeting, how to transition from one topic to the next, how to help team members contribute positively at the meeting and how to bring the meeting to a successful conclusion. You will also learn about the importance of creating and distributing minutes of the meeting that accurately describe what was discussed at the meeting, and any actions that were agreed upon and whose responsibility they are.

    This course will be of great interest to all business professionals who would like to learn more about the key communication skills needed to manage successful team meetings, and for any learner who would like to improve their business communication skills.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Describe how to prepare for and conduct business meetings; - Describe how to use technology to aid in group communications; - List and describe the basic principles of organizational communication; - Define teamwork and explain how to overcome various challenges to group success.

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