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Otto Wisdom is from Port Harcourt City in Rivers State, Nigeria. He studied electrical engineering and started his career as an electrical engineer with Fugro Nigeria Limited, where he operated test equipment and maintained electrical systems used in the field and base locations. In his career as an electrical engineer, he had several accomplishments. As an illustration, he successfully revamped and improved the water treatment plant of the facility on his own, elevating it to a world-class level of operation to cater to the needs of more than 250 field workers using locally sourced electrical parts; as a result, the company saved a significant amount of money and avoided purchasing new equipment. In addition, he repaired a breathing apparatus machine utilized by firefighters to refill their oxygen cylinders using locally sourced spare parts, which saved the company money. His career is filled with many exciting achievements and accomplishments as he delivers on his mandate to maintain and repair all electrical equipment within his workspace.

As an electrical engineer who has grown through the ranks working in different field locations, carrying out daily inspection, maintenance, and repairs of electrical equipment and control panels, he has come to master the field of electrical engineering in theory and practice. With over a decade of electrical engineering practice, he knows how to conduct routine and non-routine inspections of electrical motors, transformers, motor control circuits, and electrical control panels. Furthermore, he knows how to troubleshoot electrical and motor control panels using electrical test equipment to find faults and repair defective equipment. He also uses common test instruments like multimeters, earth resistance testers, thermographic imagers, and insulation resistance meters to conduct tests on various electrical parameters and detect the operational status of electrical equipment. In addition, he is very conversant with computerised maintenance management systems to help automate the routine maintenance activities that should be carried out on every piece of equipment in the facility.

The services he offers to the company where he works include inspection, maintenance, and repairs of electrical control panels, safe management of electrical equipment, power transformers, earthing, and lighting systems, and installation of electrical equipment. In addition, he also installs generators, transformers, and solar systems.To learn more about Otto and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here.

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