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Sam Cole is a professional Actor, Public Speaking Coach and Workshop facilitator.Growing up in inner-city Birmingham (UK). Sam found speaking in front of anaudience to be an almost impossible task due to his Aspergers tendencies andreluctance to socialise. However, as his true passion for performing arts began torise, he dedicated the next decade of his life to learning and developing his ability tocaptivate an audience. Creating his own practical intensive method ofcommunication and speaking coaching called “Character-based performance forreal life.”

Sam now delivers both Acting and Public speaking seminars to corporate,educational and global private clients. In addition, Sam is a professional with overthirteen years of experience, featuring in national-level theatre performances,worldwide advertisements and feature films for the likes of the Royal ShakespeareCompany and the BBC. Sam is determined to help others become the best versionof themselves and unlock their ability to speak for themselves with potency,authenticity and passion.

Today, Sam delivers acting and public speaking seminars to corporate, educational,and private clients globally. With over 13 years of experience as an actor, he hasappeared in national-level theatre performances, advertisements, and feature films.Contact Sam Cole today to take your public speaking and acting skills to the nextlevel.

Free, Online Courses Created by Sam Cole

  • Certificate Essential Acting Skills

    Essential Acting Skills

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn how to make it as an actor in this free online acting course that explores every aspect of show business.
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