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Riley Weller is an approved FL Studio trainer known as GratuiTous in the music production industry. He has been making beats with FL Studio for over a decade and has worked with a Grammy-Nominated recording artist. He loves to create custom beats from scratch with his own melodies and drum loops, as well as all the mixing and mastering.

Weller has a vast amount of experience in the music production industry. His expertise in beat making, arrangement, mixing, mastering and creating melodies and drum loops from the scratch helps the learners to gain the required skills and knowledge to build strong improvisation.

Due to his passion for teaching, GratuiTous (aka Riley Weller) has created an excellent learning platform for producers to learn how to make beats in FL Studio. He offers a variety of courses for the learners to study all parts of the music production process.

Free, Online Courses Created by GratuiTous

  • Certificate

    Piano Improvisation for Music Production

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn the foundations of piano playing as a beat maker to produce high-quality music with this free online course.
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