Ever wished you were smarter? ‘Being smart’ isn’t a set human trait – like being tall, or being small – despite what many people think. You can become smarter, depending on how you choose to exercise your brain. Here are 6 easy ways to become the smartest you possible.

Change Up Your Routine

Changing things up a bit forces the brain to solve problems it normally wouldn’t have to do in a routine. This could be as simple as taking a different route to work, or ordering a different sandwich from your usual. Or it could be going somewhere you’ve never been before or travelling to a new country. Mixing things up a bit encourages the brain to work harder, and you could be discovering something wonderful!

Eat ‘Brain’ food

Eating a diet full of fresh fruit and veg, antioxidants, complex carbs, oily fish and lots of eggs ( for their choline), will feed your brain, as well as your body.


Not only will your grammar, writing skills, and knowledge increase the more you read, working on the imagination stretches the brain to consider other realities and scenarios. It increases analytical skills, and it’s proven vital in keeping the brain active as we age.

Talk to smart people

Listening to others’ perspectives, particular those who are smarter than you, not only teaches you new things about life, but also encourages you to strengthen your listening skills.

Exercise Your Body

Getting oxygen to the brain is probably the easiest, and most all-round beneficial ways to become smarter. Exercise actually increases brain cell growth and increases dopamine – the hormone that encourages sharper thinking.

Meditate for a Smarter You

Meditation has been proven to create a calmer, sharper, and more alert brain by training the brain to slow down and take notice. It has also proven to make your brain essentially bigger, like working the muscles of your body makes them bigger.

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