Since the first tweet was posted in 2006, there have been billions of tweets published, liked, retweeted, and shared. This amount of activity has the potential to generate many clicks to your affiliate links. If you can master how to use Twitter for marketing and leverage a fraction of its traffic, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading and learn how to take your affiliate career to the skies.


Twitter is not like all other social media platforms. The micro-blogging platform has a unique audience, Twitter etiquette that’s followed by its users, and a 280-character limit (recently increased to 4,000 for paid subscription users) for its tweets. This means your posts must be concise, yet crafted well, to both capture your audience and prompt a click or conversion. Readability and creativity are key. So, how do you succeed as an affiliate on Twitter? Let’s find out.

Why you should use Twitter for affiliate marketing

Each social media platform has drawcards that make it unique and appeal to a specific audience. Affiliate marketers need to know what these are to curate content that’s best suited to them and their followers. Although it’s been around for years, Twitter is ripe for exploration and is commonly used by affiliates worldwide. Here is why. 

  • It’s free and accessible to all meaning you can reach a wide audience very quickly
  • Twitter is a fast-paced platform which means you can take advantage of trends
  • It allows you to converse easily with your audience, helping you create connections with your followers
  • You can create a distinct brand personality and voice
  • The character limit allows you to share short-form, branded content in seconds
  • Twitter advertising is low-cost and effective if you choose to explore the paid advertising option

How to use Twitter for affiliate marketing

  1.       Have a captivating Twitter bio

Your bio is your elevator pitch to the millions of Twitter users out there. It’s your landing page and the place to help your followers find information easily. In just 160 characters, you have to charm the reader and tell them who you are and why they should follow you. If you have a website link, make sure to add it here!

  1.       Establish your Twitter goals

Before executing your affiliate Twitter strategy, you need to be clear about your goals on the platform. For example, increase your brand awareness, and cultivate a long, strong, and interactive relationship with your Twitter audience. You don’t want to be known for only posting affiliate links. Your goal is to boost your audience’s confidence in who you are and subsequently, the products and services you will be sharing links to.

  1.       Discover the world of hashtags

Twitter leads all other social media platforms when it comes to using hashtags. These are words or phrases accompanied by the “#” sign which help people follow topics or organise their own tweets. Using the most appropriate hashtags ensures that your tweets show up on the right people’s timelines and will encourage engagement with your tweets. If you have a specific niche as an affiliate, finding the relevant hashtags in your market is an easy win.

  1.       Twitter ads

Like other social media platforms, Twitter has paid tweets you can take advantage of to get your posts to the right audience. If you opt to promote your affiliate links through paid ads, they must fall within their set guidelines for approval. Twitter ads are effective and can greatly improve engagement, brand awareness, and conversions as well as boost your followers or video views.

  1.       Publish valuable content

The last thing you want to do is spam your followers with solely affiliate links. That will be the quickest way to lose your followers. To get followers and keep them, you need to produce valuable “worth a follow” content. This content must be what is interesting, will create conversation, and drive engagement. Your content should tell your audience that you are more than just a marketer. Your account must be where they go for your expertise, relatable tweets, and more. Once you have established yourself well with your audience, any affiliate links you share will be well received and you’ll earn commission from the conversions.

  1.       Get insights

It’s one thing to have a rich content calendar whereby you post multiple times daily. However, it means very little if your tweets aren’t hitting the mark or getting the results you need. Twitter Analytics offers valuable insights into how well your posts are performing. With these insights, you can play to your strengths or rework your strategy if it isn’t quite successful. 

Based on its global reach, Twitter is a rich platform for affiliate marketers to utilise. As an affiliate marketer, knowing these best practices will help you develop your well-informed Twitter strategy and see results in no time. 

Not yet an Affiliate Marketer?

It’s easy to become an Affiliate and even easier if it’s with Alison. There is no application form so once you’ve created your Alison account, you can become an Affiliate with a click of a button.

  1.     Register as an Affiliate

Go to our Affiliate Page and click the button “Become an Affiliate”. Once you accept the T&Cs, you are fully registered. It’s that easy! You can also join one of our informative webinar sessions and speak directly with an Alison representative to learn more about empowering others as an Alison affiliate. 

  1.     Invite

Using the Affiliate link generator, share your Affiliate links online with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else you can think of who might benefit from our free educational and professional tools. 

  1.     Earn money

You will receive 20% of the revenue generated by the new learners who come to Alison through your Affiliate links. 

So, whether you choose to use Twitter for business or pleasure, it is an extraordinary social media tool. It takes time, effort, and patience to be a successful affiliate marketer.  You need to be smart about how you use the platform, be authentic in what you post, and with a good strategy, your page will grow and in turn, you’ll get more clicks on your affiliate links. Get tweeting and remember, “If you do it right, the little blue bird can take you places”.

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