“My name is John Eihoda Mathias. I’m a certified Human Resources practitioner and an IT solution provider with over a decade of work experience in the energy industry. I have a BSc in Communication Technology, an MSc in Information Technology, an MSc in Public Administration and I’m currently undertaking a master’s of Technology in Project Management. I like to motivate and empower young people.”

How did you learn about Alison?

In May 2012, a facilitator in a youth empowerment programme I was participating in introduced us to Alison. He told us Alison was free and would provide enormous opportunities to help prepare us for an awesome career.  

What was your first course on Alison, and why did you choose it?

My first course on Alison was the Diploma in Human Resources. I completed it in June 2012. I choose this course because I needed to build a solid foundation in HR.

How have Alison courses affected your career?

My first e-learning experience was studying with Alison. This experience has helped me achieve excellence in all my subsequent e-learning experiences. Alison spurred me into completing two MSc programmes via e-learning in the space of five years.

What’s your favourite way to relax from studying?

My favourite way to relax from studying is listening to soft music. 


Where are you working now?

Presently, I work for North South Power Company Limited as a Human Resources business partner, focusing on recruitment and separation. The company won a concession to run Shiroro Hydroelectric power plant for a minimum of 30 years effective from 1st November 2013. Of course, I am also studying while working. I am currently undertaking a master’s of Technology in Project Management with the Federal University of Technology. My anticipated graduation date was originally 2021, before the Covid-19 pandemic altered the school calendar.

What’s next for you, in terms of education?

I hope to proceed to a PhD in Project Management Technology as soon as I am done with my master’s programme. 

If you could learn absolutely anything in the world from an Alison course, what would it be?

I look forward to a time when Alison might start running degree programmes in contemporary topics. Alison has written its name in gold, but there is always room for expansion.

What would you say to someone if they asked you about Alison? Would you recommend it and why?

I have recommended Alison to so many people here in Nigeria. Most of them have completed multiple courses and are quite happy with their progress. I don’t just stop at recommending Alison to friends and colleagues, I guide them on the basic skills they require to succeed on it. One of the main reasons I recommend Alison is because it is free, and the content of the courses is rich and engaging.

Follow John’s example and make Human Resources your first course with Alison!

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